Tumble Fresh

EFH Co. partnered with Tumble Fresh on the construction of three new high-end laundromats, two in Minnesota, Coon Rapids and Blaine, and one in Hudson, Wisconsin. Each location presented a unique set of challenges but was successfully completed on time and in budget. The first two laundromats were constructed simultaneously with the Hudson project following the completion of the Coon Rapids location.

The first of the three, in Coon Rapids, MN was a former Pizza Hut restaurant, and the existing precast roofed structure received an addition as well as a full remodel including removal of the floor and many new windows. Blaine followed about a month after Coon Rapids, and EFH was able to leverage experiences from the first location in order to improve the design and make the construction process more efficient. The site was formerly a gas and service station, so an active vapor mitigation system was installed under the slab in a completely new ground up wood framed building. Hudson presented its own unique challenges as work moved into the colder months with heat and cover, but EFH was able to complete the work from the ground up in just over 90 days.

The signature element of all the stores is the circular cloud soffits, resembling bubbles in the washer banks below, as well as the circular polished concrete designs flowing throughout the stores. EFH is proud to have had the opportunity to partner with Tumble Fresh and has since completed cosmetic remodels in an additional three existing stores throughout the twin cities.

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