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EFH Co. recently celebrated the completion of another successful collaboration with Holiday Stationstores of Bloomington, Minnesota, a new Holiday convenience store, this one located in the Northeast neighborhood of Minneapolis.

The project consisted of complete demolition of several existing commercial structures and construction of an entirely new Holiday Stationstore, an automated tunnel car-wash and the installation of all new petroleum equipment, including three 20,000-gallon petroleum tanks and 16 petroleum dispensers.  The location of the site, on the triangular corner of Central Avenue, Hennepin Avenue and 7th Street, provided several challenges requiring EFH Co. to work with local authorities to close parts of those streets for safety concerns during the demolition process.

The site was also heavily contaminated with petroleum and asbestos, necessitating the remediation of contaminated soils and proper removal of hazardous materials, per Minnesota Pollution Control Agency requirements.  During the process, work also required the relocation of sewer, water, electrical and natural gas utilities, as the new store wasn't simply built on the site of a former store, there were numerous structures buried below.  And, limited space on the site necessitated below-grade installation of two 12'-by-8'-by-60' storm water storage containers.  All this was done while allowing a White Castle restaurant, which sits in the middle of the property, to remain open.

This Holiday project began in October 2017, and the store and car wash will be open for business by March 1, 2018.  There are now over 500 Holiday Stationstores across the northern United States, stretching from Michigan to Alaska, including two dozen in the Twin Cities metro area. EFH Co. has teamed with Holiday on numerous area projects.

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