Imagine being thrown into the midst of an Agatha Christie-type murder mystery and given an hour to solve it. Or trying to save the world from a bio-hazard emergency, against a ticking clock. Or attempting to absolve yourself of a terrible crime you didn't commit before the police arrive.
Sound like a good hour's worth of fun?

Escapology is a team/team-building “live escape” game in which participants are challenged to decipher themselves out of sticky (virtual) situations, using clues to solve riddles, bust puzzles and break codes. And Twin Cities residents can now take on such challenges, following EFH Co.'s teaming with Escapology to create a game store in the former home of an arcade in the Burnsville Center. Work on this project involved the remodeling of a former arcade into individual three-room “escape game” venues, each meticulously outfitted with the furniture and fixtures that help create the atmosphere unique to each game. One venue depicts three cars on a 1930's-era European passenger train; another the interiors of a 16th-Century Scottish mansion; and another a modern-day chemical weapons laboratory.

EFH crews designed and constructed an entirely new floor plan, installed all new electrical systems and replaced existing flooring, then worked with Escapology experts on the furnishing of the game sets. This project began with a 75-day timeline, and this Escapology will open its doors in Spring 2018.

Founded in 2014, there are now over 30 Escapology real-life escape game franchises, with a dozen more in the pipeline. That includes about 25 Escapology venues across the United States and several overseas, in places like Ecuador, Chile, the Hard Rock Hotel in the Dominican Republic and Dubai.

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