Cannon Valley Cinema 10

Cannon Valley Cinema 10 | Retail Construction

The re-purposing of vacant commercial buildings is very important to local communities, especially those where the closing of a single large business can have a significant impact on the local economy.  And EFH Co. played a key part in just such a project when it teamed with Cannon Valley Cinema 10, among others, to convert a former K-Mart in Dundas, Minnesota into a multi-tenant property with a state-of-the art theater complex and mixed-use center.

Work on this project included complete gutting of the building interior, excavation for stadium seating, shoring-up of existing support columns, partitioning of the structure into the separate premises and creation of the theater complex and retail stores.  The Cannon Valley Cinema 10, just off Highway 3 outside of Northfield, now consists of 10 theaters ranging in size from 70 to 140 seats, with 10 screens ranging in size from 13 to 19 feet.  And in keeping with AMC's offering of an up-scale movie-going experience work also included the installation of over 800 fully-reclining seats in spacious, stadium-style arrangements.

Local authorities were very excited about this project, which made smart use of a K-Mart store that sat empty since closing a year previous.  It's now home to the only movie theater complex between Lakeville and Owatonna.  Work on this project began in March 2017, with an eight-month timeline. The Behr Flooring outlet opened October 15th, the MGM Liquor store opened November 1st and the Cannon Valley Cinema 10 opened Nov. 24th.  Canvas Church will be opening in the spring 2018.

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