Fluegel's Farm, Garden & Pet

Fluegel's | Retail Remodel-Addition Construction

Fluegel's Farm, Garden and Pet wasn't just looking to expand its store on South Robert Trail in Rosemount; it's old store had become cramped and obsolete, and needed replacing. But how could Fluegel's undertake such a project and remain at its longtime location without interrupting its revenue flow?

EFH Co. helped Fluegel's find the answer,

Phase 1 of this project entailed the construction of the new retail store next to the existing store, which remained open for business. Once the new store was completed, the stock and equipment from the old store was moved into the new building, which then opened immediately as the new store. Phase 2 then entailed the razing of the old store and the construction of an addition onto the new store, resulting in a total of 10,000 square feet of retail space, gift shop and office space, – more than Fluegel's had to begin with.

Total construction time on this project, with a tear-down and two new buildings, came in at 10 months.

Fluegel's has been around since 1927, mainly in the grain business, and still operates a working mill. Fluegel's expanded into the lawn/garden and pet businesses in the 1990's, and also operates an on-site greenhouse during the summer. EFH Co. is delighted to have partnered with Fluegel's on its most recent expansion.


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